Sunday, October 4, 2009

This is the World's Most Expensive Universities

Here is a list of most expensive university in the world by Forbes magazine in 2008. What is the reference basis for the Forbes data to establish this university became the most expensive in the world is based on the amount of money charged for the education of his students to pay tuition fees annually.

1. George Washington University ($39,240)
2. Kenyon College ($38,140)
3. Bucknell University ($38,134)

4. Vassar College ($38,115)

5. Sarah Lawrence College ($38,090)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Zealand, New Options for College

A number of cities in New Zealand is now a new option for high school graduates from Indonesia. In addition because the situation is safe and supportive learning atmosphere, the cost of college in the country in the Pacific region is also relatively cheaper than in Europe.

First Secretary Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Economic Functions of New Zealand in Auckland Subandrio, Tuesday (15 / 9), say, college tuition in New Zealand range from USD 90 million a year. The cost of living is also cheaper than in Europe.

Earlier, Ambassador of Indonesia to New Zealand after the event Amris Hasan Indonesia business dialogue held by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Auckland said, the number of Indonesian students in New Zealand more and more years. If three or four years ago the new 200's, this year has reached 600. That does not include police officers are often sent to learn the task in this Kiwi country.

Subandrio added, not only from Indonesia, whose numbers continue to grow, but also from Asian countries other. They are scattered in a number of universities in several cities. For engineering and law faculties, for example, generally at the University of Auckland. As at the University of Wellington usually for agriculture and animal husbandry.


Second Secretary Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Economic Functions of New Zealand Gufron Hariyanto added, now even started a lot of high school kids to school in New Zealand. In fact, there is a SMP Taiwanese boy was in New Zealand. "For the elementary level through high school, free school here," said Gufron.

If no fees for foreign children, the cost is very cheap. "It is so, the lesson here is not much. How to teach it too much fun so the kids happy. No stress," said Gufron the two children are now in junior high schools and elementary schools.

He then told me his experience when their children change schools to Jakarta from Venezuela. "They're stressed because often teased her friends if you can not do the problems or answer questions teachers. In fact, they're the new kids," he said.

As a result, said Gufron, every day they cry and asked to return to Venezuela. "If you are here (New Zealand) good friends. If there are difficulties, they actually helped," said the origin of Kulonprogo Gufron, DIY, it was.